Ratik (2019 edition)

The Hindi letter “r-uh” from my name’s spelling in Hindi.

My name is Ratik and I am Software Developer working at the intersection of design, technology and social impact.

I’ve been a creative individual interested in technology for as far as I can remember. In fact, the reason I taught myself how to write code was to build out ideas that came to me.

These days, I am working at Meraki, a non-profit working to solve India’s growing education crisis with the unique lens of parent empowerment.

Through my work at Meraki and my growing interest in using technology for good, I have transitioned from someone who dreamed of working at one of the Big 4 tech companies to someone who now wants to do more thoughtful, meaningful and impactful work.

Aside from the work that I do, I also enjoy making music, reading books, listening to (and producing!) podcasts and watching football.

And that is Ratik in 2019.



Android @Fueled in the day, a creative at night.

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