Reflection (2020)

2020’s plan

How did I do this year?

  1. My Time at Meraki
  2. Why Fueled?

Professional Goals

  1. The Essence of Functional Programming
  2. Side effects in Programming

Personal Goals

Books of 2020

Health Goals

Fun Goals

The shit-posting went on ^_^


  1. Custom Mechanical Keyboards (RIP wallet)
  2. The G.T.D System (Things 3 is how I organize life now)
  3. Systems for Organizing Digital Information
  4. Digital Note Taking (Evernote ❤️)
  5. Building Online Communities
  6. Writing (a newsletter might be on the cards, friends)
  7. Dungeons & Dragons (Yes!)
  8. Type Design (I want to make my own typeface one day!)

Closing Thoughts

Always forward, forward always



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